Current Offerings of 100% Independent Beers

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Current tap list (24/4/2021): 

Beer Brewed By Us

1. Electric Socks American Pale Ale - 5.1%

2. Everybody Loves Pale Ale -4.2%

3. Margoserita - 4.5%

4. Ava's Amber Ale -5.6%

5. Alfred Street Session Ale - 4.5%

6. Art Dog Mosaic Pale Ale - 5.4%

7. Wet Hop American Summer - 7.9%

8. Weekend Juice NEIPA - 5.8%

9. Best Coast IPA - 6.7%

10. Astro Dog Comet WCIPA - 6.6%

11. Not! Verdant IPA - 3.5%

12. Guava Gose - 5.2%

13. Major Revision Hazelnut Brown Ale - 6.4%

14. Jalapeño Sour - 4.5%

15. Rye's 'N Shine Oatmeal Stout *On NITRO Tap* - 6.7%

16. Imperial Saison Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels - 11.9%

17. Barrel-Aged Apricot Rye Sour - 5%

18. Hazy Pale Ale - 5%

19. Broken Record Hazy IPA - 7.5%

20. Cherry Cider - 4%

31. In-house distilled Gin & Tonic

Our Mates

21. Ida Pruul Golden Wild Ale - 4.1%

22. Ida Pruul Wild Mango Sour - 4.5%

23. Ida Pruul Dark Wild - 6.4%

24. La Trappe Trappist Quadrupel - 10%

25. Modern Times Thundera Hazy IPA - 6.7%

26. Tallboy & Moose Splash City Guava & Oatcream IPA - 6.5%

27. Equilibrium Fractal IPA - 6.5%

28. Blue Owl Teeny Hopper Grapefruit Sour - 4.4%

29. London Beer Factory Sour Solstice Sour - 4.8%

30. Stone Tangerine Express IPA - 6.7%

Whats on tap? To the left is our current tap list. It consists of 20 beers brewed fresh in house and 10 of our best mates beers!  All beer served is 100% Independent.  Below you will find our core beers that we keep on year round.


Evergreen King Double IPA

Evergreen King is the King of Double IPAS. It uses a unique yeast cultivated from the Pacific Northwest which gives it a full rich creamy flavour that compliments  a ridiculous amount of hops! Including a double round of dry hopping to pack in the aroma.  The hops layer in flavours of Pine, Citrus and Stone Fruits. It ill get you feeling like a King in no time!


Red Roo IPA

 You will see red after drinking this single IPA – red for love. This IPA uses only the best American hops to bring a tropical Citrus flavour. Balanced with English and German malt, this beer is the perfect diplomat. It will introduce you to the world of IPAs and invite you back for more. (Alcohol content 6.5%)


Ava's Amber Ale

 Chip chip cheerio! This English/American style amber ale uses a dry English Ale yeast to give it the proper Pommie flavour without the long flight and bad weather. Infused with a smooth malt grain profile, this Amber ale has spiked American hop notes of citrus and pine bound to impress even the Queen Mother. (Alcohol content 5.6%).


Everybody Loves Pale Ale

 Prepare to fall in love. Low in alcohol and bitterness yet full of flavour, the Hybrid  Australian Pale Ale brings a citrus aroma perfect for a summer’s day, winter afternoon, or morning wake-up. This is the beer to drink all day long. (Alcohol 4.2%)

Electric Socks Pale Ale

 This beer will knock your socks off! Full bodied yet easy to drink. Our Electric Socks Pale Ale is packed with hop flavour and aroma. We suggest you drink this one barefoot. (Alcohol 5.1%)