Looking for a place to host your next event?

Want to have your function in a local microbrewery?  We can cater to groups of up to 100.  We have 2 seperate spaces available for hire.  Including our mezzanine level meeting space that is perfect for smaller groups of around 40.  

We have a 155" projection screen in our tap room and a 60" monitor in our mezz floor space.  Perfect for whatever you would like to show your guests.  We also have sound systems in both rooms.  

Outside of our function spaces we have a rotating 20+ taps made in house. We also have an additional 10 taps of 100% independent breweries from around the world.  

In addition to our amazing tap list we have something for everyone, cider, wine, spirits and freshly made to order American style pizzas and nachos.  We can accommodate gluten free, vegetarian and vegan guests as well.

Shoot us a message to inquire about your next function, we'd love to host you!

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